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805 Web Media (805) online Video SEO Marketing Service helps your business achieve first page placement on Google and the desired exposure you are looking for to market your brand, product, specials and business in general. 805’s cutting-edge technology, coupled with progressive online marketing strategies, combines the power of Video with Search Engine Marketing. Our ability to distribute a global library of video content is unmatched in the industry. Numerous global clients are using this product as the only means of advertising.

More and more web users (i.e. potential customers) are using general-purpose search engines, video search engines and the search function within social networking and video sharing sites to find videos and conduct general research. This is causing a major shift in the practice of search engine optimization on Google from primarily text-based content optimization to optimization of integrated media components such as video. In fact 52% of all internet content is now delivered by video.

805 online Video SEO Marketing service distributes your video across the internet’s most trafficked video sites and business directories. Our primary goal is to get your video first page placement on Google for the keyword phrases that your potential customers use to find your products and services.

No video, no problem! 805 will create complementary video montages, branding you company, (over a $500 value) to get your Video SEO Marketing campaign underway. We can also assist you in professional video development as well. Another great thing about 805’s online Video SEO Marketing service is that we offer you exclusivity on the keywords that you bid on. The entire process is simple and effective!


How Video SEO Marketing Works:

  1. Campaign Analysis: A Video campaign begins with a professional analysis of your company, your competitors and the keywords and keyword phrases your customers are using to find your products and services offer.
  2. Budgeting/Planning: Once we have an understanding of your industry and your budgetary requirements we will develop a plan costumed to meet your needs. Once 805 has created a Video SEO marketing plan, including budget, keyword research and the video files are ready the Video Optimization process can begin.
  3. Video Editing/Creation: 805 will utilize existing video files, company imagery and marketing collateral to create video for optimization. If you don’t have video files, no worries. We can create original video content to get you started (absolutely free).
  4. Video Optimization: This process entails developing keyword rich file names, keyword tagging that are embedded into your video files for distributions. 805 then submits your video and video descriptions to over 100 online video sites, search engines and business directories on the internet.
  5. Campaign Optimization: By leveraging our proprietary technology the 805 Campaign Manager Optimizer enables you to achieve first page placement on major search engines like Google for the keywords and phrases that drive customers to your business. We do this by monitoring ranking positions and re-optimization of videos that have lost positioning on search engines. 805 Video SEO Marketing is the most cost effective way to get optimal exposure on the internet. When a video is properly optimized and crawled by video search engines, posted to social media networking and video sharing web sites, you can reach a large viewing audience very quickly.
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